VIP for business or personal

DiBuCard International LLC.

The platform designed to promote and share your business or personal information DIRECT!

Be direct means be successful.


Ad$mart VIP – Virtual Interactive Profile

With Ad$mart VIP service you can promote your business using your customer’s social networks referral potential. With our Share-To-All add buttons your business customers can promote your company DIRECT!


A Virtual Interactive Profile for your company product or service. Start promote and share direct. In business, direct contact means personal involvement and this leads to growth and success.


A Virtual Interactive Profile for professional use, when you are looking for a new job, as a resume. VIP about the club, church, etc. Direct contact with other members is important.


A Virtual Interactive Profile for people
who suffer from memory diseases, To help locate them fast. A VIP for
unconscious victims of accidents or natural disaster to provide necessary data about them to a rescuers.


Virtual Interactive Profile for pets or other animals in case they get lost. It provide contact information but most important allow to lead a search campaigns on social media to find a furry friend faster.

Sharing your VIP is fast and is cool.

In the short video we show you how ease is to share a virtual interactive profile using NFC. All your customer have to do is to touch the card with his phone. In a fruction of a second all the information from VIP will be transfer to his phone. If the NFC option is not available, he can scan the QR code.

The customer needs to save the VIP icon on the home screen of his phone to be able to use it in the future. This provides the company to have a direct contact with all customers who save the VIP card on their phones without calling or emailing to notify them about all the news, sales or special offers.

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