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Pet VIP Finder

Virtual Interactive Profile for pets, where luck has nothing to do with finding your lost furry friend.

Pets VIP is the most advance and powerful tool for pet’s owners to control and lead all activity and action in case if pet got lost. It can help to look for pet, locate it faster and reunite a lost animal with the owner. It provide the sense of control in stressful situation when a pet is missing.

Why Pet’s VIP Finder is good for your pet and how to get one.

Pet Finder VIP Key Benefits


1. Pet VIP start working instantly with a simple online setup.

2. All contact information can be always change or update.

3. Google interactive map with your pet’s home address and direction how to get there.

4. Pet’s VIP tags never needs power to work.

5. Interactive tags can work for different pets, just update your pet’s VIP profile.

6. Everyone who your share your Pet’s VIP with will instantly know how your pet look and where pet got lost.

7. You are in full control of whole searching action strait from your pet’s VIP account.

8. Finder just need to scan a tag’s QR code or NFC chip to see your pet’s profile.

9. Finder is just one click away to contact you via phone, text or email.

10. Finder is one click away to share his good news direct on your social media sites.

11. Pet’s Finder VIP is compatible with all mobile devices and desktop PCs.

12. VIP tags are always active and ready to scan.

13. With Pet Finder VIP you can setup and update the reward for person who will find your pet, change and update the location where potential finder can find your pet.

14. Post important medical information about your pet for finder to know (pet is allergic on specific food or medicine, etc.).

15. You can start and lead the search  at any moment from any place and on very large scale.

16. You can always post new crucial information on each social media you have your networks of friends and much more.

What to do if your pet goes missing.

1. Login to your pet’s VIP on your mobile device or any computer available at that moment.

2. Establish the reword for your pet finder.

3. Check, update if necessary and publish updated your pet’s Virtual Interactive Profile.

4. Share your pet’s VIP on all your social media networks.

5. Ask by calling or texting everyone you know to share your pet’s VIP link on theirs social media networks.

6. Ask everyone to be alert in the next few days about news regarding your lost pet.

7. Be alert and watch for text, call, or message coming from unknown sender about your pet.

8. When your pet is found, the finder has access to all the information on your pet’s VIP.

9. He or she can instantly notify you by text, email or phone or on your social media about your pet has been found.

Having a pet is a great feeling, so losing it can be heartbreaking.

The pet’s Virtual Interactive Profile finder from DiBuCard provide you with an additional power to makes finding your pet easier and faster.

After sign up all you need to do is to create your Pet’s Virtual Interactive Profile (PVIP). It’s easy and very simple process. Just enter all the necessary information how to contact you in case of misplacing your pet.

You can also upload the most current picture(s) of your pet or video clip to make the finding process as easy as possible. Once it’s done we will issue your pet’s unique VIP finder tags and mail it to the address your provide, (please allow up to 2 weeks for your pet’s VIP tags to arrive). Your pet’s VIP tags has a  NFC technology programmed and linking direct to your pet’s Virtual Interactive Profile on DiBuCard site. 

It also has a QR code programmed with all same information as NFC chip and printed on the tag.

Our Newest Collection of Pets VIPs

The best way to experience power of Pets VIP is to get one. Your furry friend is there for you, make sure it’s always will be that way.