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Welcome to Virtual Interactive Profile… VIP for business or personal.

 With VIP account from DiBuCard you can promote your business information or your personal interest fast and inexpensive way.  All promotional tasks can be done at any time right from your mobile device.

Your contact details shared digitally, visible instantly!

VIP card

With DiBuCard  you can create a modern Virtual Interactive Profile (VIP card) with a simple design optimized for viewing on all mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops PC-s. Create a modern VIP-card for yourself, for your firm or for your associates. No more running out of cards when you need one. Your VIP card is always with you ready to share.

All in one

With VIP card you can edit your details at any time and as many time as you need it. If any of the information change (example; business hours), just login to your account update it and publish. Each and every VIP card you ever shared will be updated instantly. All your staff can represent your company with exact same and powerful way as you personally designed.

Be direct

  • show most current information
  • build relationships with customers
  • care means to be personally involved

Upload a profile photo, input your company info, display social network icons, embed a video clip, advertise your sales or weekly specials, promote new product line. Be personally involve to build relationship with your customers.


The Virtual Interactive Profile is your company’s or personal platform, which you can constantly update, change and improve… click for more.

What you get.

Unlimited access to your account.
Customizable profile form.
Company/personal Logo/Picture.
Company/personal contact Information.
Up to 2000 characters description.
Company’s or personal YouTube video promotion plugin… click for more.

Contact Us

To contact DiBuCard VIP customer service please call at 702-997-7278 or fill and submit the form… click for more.

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