What you get.

Sign up today for Virtual Interactive Profile (VIP). The membership is just $15.00  a month. This is a recurring monthly billing however. there is no contract and no obligation to continue. You can cancel your VIP membership at any time.

While you sign up there is one time setup fee of $39.99. Sign up today and get 50% off by paying just $19.99. The setup fee allowed us to create and then maintain your VIP account.

We are sure you are going to love our service but if you decide to cancel it in 7 days from your signup day the setup fee and the first month membership fee  will be refunded to you, less 15% of bank’s processing fees.

VIP Premium $15.00 a month and one time promotional setup fee of $19.99 (regular setup fee is $39.99).

Virtual Interactive Profile Premium account included:

  1. Unlimited access to your account
  2. Customizable profile form
  3. Company/personal Logo/Picture
  4. Company/personal contact Information
  5. Up to 2000 characters description
  6. Company’s or personal YouTube video promotion plugin.
  7. Company’s interactive Facebook page plugin
  8. Your VIP unique QR code printed under your company logo/picture
  9. Direct links to your company’s Social Media platforms
  10. Direct links for your customers to share your company VIP info on theirs social media platforms.
  11. Unlimited times to update/edit.
  12. Unlimited times to share your VIP info.
  13. VIProfile sharing center display stand with programmed QR code printed on it.
  14. NFC (Near Field Communication) chip implanted into VIP sharing center display.
  15. 1 interactive VIP business card with programmed NFC chip implanted in it.
  16. LVB VIP Club membership.

Pay Visa, MC, Discover or AmEx.

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The DiBuCard Virtual Intelligent Profile services are provided to you by:

Las Vegas Bouquet, LLC, 1815 W. Charleston Blvd., suite 6., Las Vegas NV 89102, U.S.A.

All charges and payments are made by and to Las Vegas Bouquet, LLC