VIP Safe-U

Knowing how to help correctly is crucial,
scanning the VIP Safe-U tag can safe life.

Because time matters

NFC Technology

NFC Chip

The most advance NFC technology is available now for everyone. The NFC chip need no charging ever and is always ready to scan. It contains necessary health and contact information for rescuers about the person who carry it.

VIP Safe-U can safe life.

The technology in a time of emergency is everything. Having access to the correct information handy can speedup the rescue process or even can safe a life. NFC chip or QR code are providing that information at any time.

QR Code

QR code on VIP Safe-U tag is a machine-readable optical label that contains information about the
person who carry it. A QR code can be read by an imaging device such as cellphone’s camera providing crucial information to the rescuers.

Take control over messages

The information uploaded to VIP Safe-U tag are 100% eligible. The person who own the tag is the one who upload, update and publish that info for rescuers. The VIP Safe-U tag holder has a full control over all information how to proceed during the rescue operation


The Virtual Interactive Profile Safe-U is designed to provide necessary contact and medical information about the lost/missing person or accident unconscious victim to a rescuer. Because knowing how to help correctly in the time of unfortunate event is crucial to victim’s health or even life.

The VIP Safe-U tag is usefull in case of automobile or any other traffic related accidents, natural disasters, loss due to Alzheimer’s disease, autism and other related conditions or disorders. In such cases, have correct medical and contact information fast are key points in saving the life of the victim.

Rescuing or searching for people in the above-mentioned cases is always a serious problem. Without the correct and quick information about a person found or injured, each lost minute increases the risk of a tragic result. Therefore, having a VIP Safe-U tag can be a very beneficial factor in such situations. 

Correct information about a person’s health and contact details greatly accelerates emergency actions and increases the chances of a positive ending.

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