VIP…Virtual Intelligent Profile.

The Virtual Interactive Profile (VIP) from DiBuCard specifically designed to provide our clients with the opportunity to directly share their business information or personal interests with existing and potential customers or associates. A Virtual Interactive Profile can be created and updated from any mobile device instantly and at any time. Through an interactive profile with DiBuCard, VIP account users have constant contact with their clients every day. What‘s most important, this action happens in an interactive way

The Virtual Interactive Profile is your company’s or personal platform, which you can regularly update, change, and improve. Your clients can visit your VIP anytime, “Like” it, and follow you on Facebook or any other social media platform. They can share information uploaded to your VIP within their own social media networks with one click right from their mobile device or computer. Having a VIP allows you to share the information at any time and with as many people as you want at ones. It can travel thousands of miles in a fraction of a second to allow you to exchange them with your potential or existing customers. This option saves you money and time traveling, so you can focus on developing and improving your business at home.

Virtual Interactive Profile from DiBuCard is the future. It is precisely how business owners of tomorrow will communicate with customers. Owning it today is putting your company ahead of your competition, helping you acquire new territories before your competitors even get there. 

Entrepreneurs like you created VIP from DiBuCard for entrepreneurs like you. We understand the importance of today’s business world to have useful tools that help us stay ahead of our competition to be at the forefront and win in business and life.

DiBuCard International is a company incorporated in the State of Nevada USA, with the business license number NV20201930422 


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Mailing address: 1815 W. Charleston Blvd., suite 6-A, Las Vegas, NV, U.S.A.

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