The DiBuCard is your step into the future. In today’s world way how people do business is changing fast. If we want to be successful we need to move faster. DiBuCard is your best tool in digital world to keep up and bit the competition.  We create the solutions that is allowing you to accelerate your business to be one step ahead when you do business in a 21st century.

1. DiBuCard is great for business or for personal use.

DiBuCard works for people who has a business but can be also useful for everyone. Choose which one is for you to display your company information or just to create your personal digital Card  to match your personality and style.

2. DiBuCard is simple and handy. 

You can add your DiBuCard directly into your own phone home screen to have instant access to it when you are at a business meeting, networking event or just having good time with your friends. You can always easily share your business or personal info.

3. DiBuCard will put your company ahead of your competition.

As one picture means a 1000 words, so one video means a 1000 pictures. Today more people are communicating through videos than ever before, why not sharing your company’s features using video clip right from your DiBuCard business card? DiBuCard is your every day exclusive business introduction video news channel.

4. DiBuCard is more than just modern digital business card.

We know then the best way to build a business is to work together. DiBuCard is bringing professionals and customers into one simple place. By creating DiBuCard unique online platform we are giving businesses a powerful way of sharing the information and customers a simple way to interacting instantly to it. This way they can build the strong relationships and trust necessary to accelerate their business growth.

5. DiBuCard is All-In-One solution.

Your DiBuCard account allowed you not only have your own DiBuCard, but you can also have cards for your associates with same design. This provide you with the power of promoting your company from many points of sale, but a same way. Your associate can promote company’s product within their contacts or they can promote exclusively only theirs department’s promotions or sales. DiBuCard is simply All-In-One business solution.

6. Inexhaustibility and timeliness.

DiBuCard business cards are inexhaustible resources, always ready to hand out and promote the company. You do not have to worry that you will run out of business cards at a networking meeting or that you do not have enough. Your DiBuCard business cards are always up to date. At any time and from any place you can update them by inserting important new information about your company or product. Most importantly, when you update your Di BuCard account information, all of the business cards that have been distributed so far are automatically updated at the same time.

7. With the DiBuCard showcase, you will create a loyal customer base.

Through constant contact with customers, you create loyal consumers who are waiting for new products and special offers from your company which they receive directly to their phones. Awareness of being the “first” creates the ground for fulfilling a bond and a sense of loyalty. The consumer is more likely to buy where he knows he is distinguished from the “crowd”.

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