Regulations of use

Regulations for the use of the DiBuCard digital business card website database.

These regulations define the terms and conditions of using the database of the DiBuCard portal. The DiBuCard service is managed and provided by DiBuCard Internatonal, LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

  1. The DiBuCard website authorizes the website user to use the database to a limited extent resulting from these regulations.
  2. The database of the DiBuCard collection contains information on persons, companies and other entities that allows their identification.
  3. Entries (digital business cards) and other forms of publication on the pages of the DiBuCard collection are subject to the package price list published on the website or individual arrangements. These are final, recurring monthly, annual or other periodic payments, non-refundable under any circumstances.
  4. If the fee is not paid on the date of the original service renewal, the user has up to 30 days to update his payment information and pay for the service. If after 30 days from the original renewal date, the service is not paid for the account and the user’s publications will be automatically canceled.
  5. Recovery of the canceled account may take place after the user submits a request in this matter to the address and, if necessary, approves it. If the decision is positive, the user’s account will be renewed after the user pays a fee of PLN 150.00 for the Polish area ($ 150.00 USD for other areas). A request to renew an account may be made no later than 30 days from its cancellation. The DiBuCard website management decisions are final.
  6. The DiBuCard website management is not responsible for the content, photos and videos posted on the website by users.
  7. A company or private person registering on the portal bears all responsibility for the content that he places on the mini-website (business card) and all presentations, in particular for the truthfulness of data, accuracy of content, as well as compliance with applicable law, customs and moral standards and these regulations.
  8. Placing a digital business card or other publication on the DiBuCard website is tantamount to a declaration that the person publishing and paying for the service has full legal and moral right to such publication.
  9. By publishing any information, the person who pays for the service bears full legal responsibility for its content in the light of the law of the country or region in which he or she resides, the country or region where the company is located or is registered and the applicable international law.
  10. The company or private person who pays for the service also bears legal consequences for the use of names, words and trademarks.
  11. All information posted on the DiBuCard website should be true, complete, accurate and not misleading. In the event of a breach of any of the above rules, the website management is entitled at any time to remove the published information, presentation or the entire mini-website, and the user is not entitled to reimbursement of incurred expenses or separate compensation.
  12. An entry into the DiBuCard database is made by filling in the registration form. Its completion is tantamount to the acceptance of the fee automatically charged by the system for the publication (business card), until the service is canceled by the user or administration, and with the acceptance of these regulations. These fees are final and are not refundable under any circumstances.
  13. By accepting these regulations, the user agrees to receive information about the provision of electronic services sent by DiBuCard and its partners.
  14. The service is available 24 hours a day, all days of the year. However, DiBuCard reserves the right to make breaks caused by emergencies or maintenance of the website. DiBuCard and its partners are under no circumstances liable for any losses caused by such interruptions.
  15. Data obtained via the DiBuCard website may be used only for IT purposes of a given individual user or company, which means that the above data may not be used for commercial purposes (of any kind), as well as not in the case of public informational activities, unless that they are based on a separate agreement with DiBuCard or an order confirmed by an invoice.
  16. Including it is not allowed to:
  17. a) the use of non-proprietary information obtained from the database to conduct serial correspondence, regardless of its nature and content,
  18. b) making available non-proprietary information obtained from the database to third parties, whether in return for payment or free of charge, as well as making publicly available or disseminating this information.
  19. c) access to the database using software that is not an ordinary web browser is a breach of the terms of these regulations and is a premise for establishing a violation of the provisions of the Act.
  20. If the user breaches the terms of these regulations, or if the DiBuCard management reasonably suspects that the user breaches or plans to breach these conditions, in particular by using information, or any part thereof, for any commercial or public activity, the company reserves the right to block the user’s access to the site. Moreover, in such a case, it may pursue its own claims for damages related to infringement of intellectual property rights and the rights of third parties.
  21. The DiBuCard Management Board makes every effort to provide users with the highest quality service. The company, however, is not responsible for the loss or lost benefits of the user related to the use of the website, and caused by incorrect information contained in the database or improper functioning of the Internet.
  22. The DiBuCard Management Board reserves the right to suspend / block / delete the User’s account / business card / advertisement which breaks any of the provisions of these Regulations, in particular:
  23. –If a new user has not posted information within 30 calendar days after his / her initial registration.
  24. –Any kind of spam.
  25. -Advertisement of competing websites.
  26. -Using words that are generally considered vulgar.
  27. –Information containing content harmful or defamatory to other users of the DiBuCard collection or employees of the company or their partners.
  28. –Information or publications containing pornographic content in any written or graphic form (photos, drawings, sketches, etc.).
  29. -Information and publications whose content is vulgar,
  30. –Information and publications containing content and photos that violate the law in force in Poland, the European Union and international law.
  31. – Offensive and defamatory information.
  32. – Information incites violence or hatred on the basis of nationality, race and religion, etc.
  33. –Information advertising services or non-proprietary goods of any kind.
  34. – Information or publications inconsistent with the generally accepted rules of Netiquette.
  35. –Information or publications in violation of Polish law and international law.
  36. –Information or publications found to be contrary to the rules and likely to be detrimental to the DiBuCard collection or its users as well as the company or its partners.
  37. -The DiBuCard administration and management reserves the right to remove incomplete, general and low credibility memorials.
  38. -Buy / Sell-type publications are not allowed and the catalog administration reserves the right to delete such publications.
  39. -The membership fee entitles each active user to edit their business cards or add new, correct or update them. When the account is canceled and the user does not cancel his publication, the published materials automatically become the property of DiBuCard.
  40. -If one or more of the above-mentioned points of the regulations is broken, the DiBuCard management reserves the right to:
  41. a) introducing individual restrictions on access to the website for individual users
  42. b) to refrain from publishing the company’s contact details
  43. c) blocking the user’s account and publication for revocation or permanently.
  44. In the event of breaking the applicable regulations and blocking the publication, the user waives any claims for the payment made.
  45. The user has the right to appeal against the decision to block the user’s account and to publish it in writing no later than 10 business days from the date of blocking the user’s account. The appeal must be sent to or to DiBuCard Customer Service, 1815 W. Charleston Blvd. suite 6., Las Vegas NV 89102, USA. The DiBuCard Management Board undertakes to review the user’s appeal within 30 days from the date of receipt of the appeal. All activities and publications in the DiBuCard filing system will be suspended until the appeal is examined.
  46. The Management Board of the DiBuCard collection reserves the right to change the content of these regulations and launch a new version at any time and without notice.
  47. With a complex IT system as large as the DiBuCard, technical failures can arise due to problems with hardware or software independent of the management. – DiBuCard collection management does not bear any responsibility for failures of the IT system and therefore does not reimburse any costs incurred by Users related to the malfunction of the portal.
  48. The management of the DiBuCard collection is not responsible for the quality of data from the databases of companies cooperating with the service. By making an entry in the database, the user accepts all points of the regulations and privacy polices.
  49. In cases not covered by these regulations, the provisions of the Act on the protection of databases shall apply.