How it works.

3 easy steps.

The VIP from DiBuCard is the simplest, and fastest way to connect with your business contacts and customers. In today’s world entrepreneurs and business owners need to use a reliable and modern tools to grow theirs business. Most importantly we need to be always a step ahead from our competition and be able to inform and contact our customers before our competitors can. The Virtual Interactive Profile from DiBuCard is design to do just that. It’s easy, it’s fast and is connected direct with your most important part of your business… your customers.

• Go to sign up page. Fill up a short form to create your login and password and make a payment. Access your account.

• Input all the information about your company. Save it and publish it. Remember, you can update or change your information at any time and as many times as you need.


• Share your VIP by simply texting the https://  address of your profile to all of your business contacts and customers. Don’t forget to ask them to save it on their phone home screen as an app, so they can easily access it later.

These are some of the mobile devices that work with Virtual Interactive Profile

Apple: iPhone8, iPhoneX, iPhone7
Android: Samsung Galaxy S Range, HTC Desire, HTC One, Blackberry Passport
Google: Nexus

For complete List of NFC-enabled mobile devices click here