VIP and Social Media

Connect and be connected.

The Virtual Interactive Profile from DiBuCard was created to help you promote your business in many different ways. One of which is to work with all social media platforms. You can share not only a basic business information with your customers but much more. For instance Virtual Interactive Profile allow you to connect your company’s Facebook page in real time. It simply means whatever is happening on your Facebook it shows on your VIP. Now your customers can interact in real time, read all news and information you share with your visitors. They can ‘Like’ your Facebook page, comment and socialize direct from your VIP you shared with them.

Using your DiBuCard VIP sharing power advantage you can effectively prospect new customers with social media without appearing spammy, salesy or alienating your friends, family and followers!

  • Connect to more people more effective way.
  • Wisely spend your time using social media promotional power.
  • Promote your business without appearing spammy and salesy.
  • Build your brand and attract people to you and your business.
  • Continually grow your customers list and followers.


With Virtual Interactive Profile you can lock out your competition.

We are living in an increasingly digital world. The old business strategy of exchanging business cards is quickly becoming obsolete. Social media has taken over as the way people communicate, connect, keep up with current events, find entertainment, and make purchases. And it’s not going away. That is why it is becoming increasingly important for business owners to have necessary tools for marketing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.

Virtual Interactive Profile from DiBuCard on social media can grow your business to new heights. It has the power to integrate this new platform into your business so that you can attract more customers and grow your business.

The Virtual Interactive Profile is a connection with your customers regarding your company, services or products. You can inform your customers about sales, special offers or events happening within company at the real time. By updating information on your VIP account, you update all of your VIPs ever made available at the same time. Using conventional communication methods this simply can not be done. With VIP from DiBuCard you can do it all at once and from one place. What’s most important your customers always have up-to-date information about your company uploading by you strait into their own phones.