VIP Safe-U

The Virtual Interactive Profile Safe-U is designed to provide necessary contact and medical information about the lost/missing person or accident unconscious victim to a rescuer. Because knowing how to help correctly in the time of unfortunate event is crucial to victim’s health or even life.

The VIP Safe-U tag is usefull in case of automobile or any other traffic related accidents, natural disasters, loss due to Alzheimer’s disease, autism and other related conditions or disorders. In such cases, have correct medical and contact information fast are key points in saving the life of the victim.

Rescuing or searching for people in the above-mentioned cases is always a serious problem. Without the correct and quick information about a person found or injured, each lost minute increases the risk of a tragic result. Therefore, having a VIP Safe-U tag can be a very beneficial factor in such situations. Correct information about a person’s health and contact details greatly accelerates emergency actions and increases the chances of a positive ending.

The VIP Safe-U tag provides a sense of security, saves time and increases the chance to save life. The VIP Safe-U card can be worn around the neck or as a bracelet or in a wallet. It will help rescuers to recognize the victim’s medical conditions and to locate their place of residence and contact person. This is an excellent source of information about those who can not help themselves at the moment of danger.